Certified Colour Designer

Main programme, 43 pts
Language: Swedish

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to further deepen their skills in colour design has the option to compile all our individual courses to the supplementary programme of Certified Colour designer. The programme is suitable for those who:

  • Work professionally in design and architecture and decoration of private and public environments.
  • Work as colour advisers for shops or for construction and architectural issues under private, state or municipal direction.
  • Work professionally and want to increase confidence in colour choices, increase competence in colour design within their profession, and receive official documentation of this skill.By ensuring all teachers are active in colour design, we also achieve a strong presence in the workplace. Our teachers have a passion for training, key competencies in the relevant fields and a common vision to strengthen colour knowledge. You will learn how an architect deals with their colourisation jobs and gain an insight into which queries are asked prior to a meeting with customers and clients.


After the completed programme as Certified Colour Adviser, you can then take our individual courses in any order, over a three-year period. By spreading the learning across several years, you will have the opportunity to practice your skills between each course. The programme ends with one major colour design assignment that is done individually and presented to an independent jury that will assess the piece according to established quality criteria. The end date is the same for several participants, which gives a further insight into the possibilities and issues of colourisation.

Course structure

The courses are a mixture of theory and practice, including study visits and colour design practices, and deal with various aspects of colour. In our international colour workshop, you can experiment with colour, light, and patterns, and complete your own colour project. Following the completed courses and approved colourisation assignment, you will obtain the qualification of ‘Certified Colour designer’, a certificate as proof of examination – good to bring with you in customer meetings.