NCS Certified Teacher

If you have previously attanded, or will attend our International Colour Workshop  (June 25th-30th 2018), you can sign up for the NCS Certified Teacher Program (July 2nd-3rd 2018). You will receive training and information on how to teach the course Colour Perception & the NCS Colour System.

Language: English


Anyone who works professionally with colour advisory services and would like to teach NCS Colour courses word-wide. You will be able to conduct official courses, certified and numbered by NCS Colour AB in Sweden. The qualification of NCS Certified Teacher gives your company a key position in the market. You receive an official Certification that you have gone through our official training and that you have proven to possess the knowledge and the skills to teach the course Colour Perception and the NCS Colour System (1-2 day course). The course is very useful to teach towards for example retailers, painters, and as entry-level towards architects and designers. By ensuring all teachers are active in colour design, we achieve a strong presence in the workplace. Our teachers have a passion for training, key competencies in the relevant fields, and a common vision to strengthen colour knowledge.


The NCS Certified Teacher Program consist of our International Colour Workshop + a two day special training, where you will learn how to use the NCS educational material, present and teach the course Colour Perception and the NCS system (1-2 day course). After the courses, and a written test will follow. Once you have passed the test, you become a NCS Certified Teacher by NCS Colour AB and we sign a license agreement. We will give you our Teachers Guide (a pedagogic guide) and a PowerPoint to use for the courses. Each time you give a course, you will report the names of the students and NCS Colour AB will print the corresponding and individually numbered Certificates for the students. The License fee is EUR 50 for each certificate.



For information regarding the Interior Colour Workshop, click here. The course fee for the additional 2-day NCS Certified Teacher Program is EUR 1,000. For those two days, accommodation is not included. Coffee breaks and lunches are part of the package, as well as the educational material you will receive upon completion.

We can help you with the application for the main programme of NCS Certified Teacher.

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