Collecting inspiration with a click

31 October 2016

The next generation of inspirational tools is here. Say hello to Colourpin II!

Turning inspiration into colour and further into design concepts has never been simplier. NCS Colour are now launching the next generation of colour readers – Colourpin II. A super slim gadget designed to easely gather colour inspiration from surfaces, textiles and everything else that might inspire. Having it instantly readable in your phone.

Colourpin II has been updated with a new app for a seamless transition between inspiration and colour information. The app provides the closest NCS Notation along with CMYK, RGB, L*a*b* and lightness values. Features to test colour difference between objects and to create colour palettes to share in social media. The colour palettes can furthermore be downloaded for Adobe CS/CC. The new model is smaller and have even better measurement accuracy,

Colourpin II is now available for pre-booking in our shop!

For more info and sales, please contact us here.

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