Colour Designers from all around the globe

29 August 2016

Colour, material, light and sound were in focus when colour designers from Mexico, Luxembourg, Sweden, China, USA and the United Arab Emirates gathered in Mariefred just outside Stockholm. The reason: NCS Colour’s yearly International Colour Workshop, where the participants work intensely with colour design under the guidance of inspiration lecturers and experts within colour, light and material.

“You reside and live with colour during six days, together with other colour designers from all over the world. What you learn here you carry with you in your daily work as practical tips and knowledge”.

One of the lecturers were the light designer from Philips Lighting – Svante Pettersson, who shared insights on the use of light to influence the experience of colour and material. The purpose of the week is to create a platform where knowledge across a wide range of disciplines and cultures can come together, giving participants maximum yield and knowledge to work more easily with color. As well as being able to argue for their colour choices based on their newly acquired knowledge.

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