Discover Bio-Depth – a colour trend direction for 2021+

6 July 2020

When we see that the world is facing dramatic change and uncertainty, we seek answers in our nature and spiritual enlightenment. We need a purpose.

Bio-Depth is a dark and mystic colour direction that reflects the spiritual journey of going into the darkness of the unknown and finding the light. The search for truth is becoming much more individual than collective. We do not seek to belong to a certain group of believers. We seek our own truths. We realize that our well-being is more important than consumption and that the earth from which all living beings are created, is perfect as it is.

Our well-being is much more important than materialism.

How can we make use of nature to improve our lives on this planet, while at the same time retain a deeper understanding? In the search to find the answers to this question, we plunge deep into the world of mysticism and the bio-world to seek the truth and to find solutions to a better future.


There is a surge for new organic materials. New findings will allow us to abandon artificial materials as research grows and we explore new organisms. We try to understand their complex compositions and how we can make use of them. The surfaces of the materials simulate organisms through organic textures and imperfections. The materials feature an emphasised tactility that makes the user to want to physically and empathically interact with them.


Bio-Depth_trend forecast

Bio-Depth presents a colour palette that is darker and less chromatic. The attributes of the colours emphasize the balance between natural and artificial. Industrial materials are combined with derivatives of the natural world such as algae and mycelia. This is a mystical colour palette. Accents in light green represent the light in the darkness of our world both above and deep down in our seas.



NCS Colour Trend Forecast

Bio-Depth is one of four colour trends presented in the limited edition trend book – NCS Colour Trends 2021+.

NCS Colour Trends 2021+ gives you unique insights to the international drivers for colour, material and finishes, all applicable cross-industry. Read about trend stories, view unique image collections and colour palettes. The trends are presented in four different groups; Virtual Relativity, Bio-Depth, Seeds and Honesty.



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