New e-learning for paint store personnel

1 November 2021

Discover our new e-learning NCS in Paint Stores.

With NCS – Natural Colour System as a tool, your staff will quick and easily learn how to guide customers to colour decisions. In this e-learning, we will be covering the ten most common questions that customers ask in a paint store. These can be questions such as: “I would like the same colour in my room as seen in this picture”, or “I am looking for a colour to match this wallpaper”.

NCS in Paint Stores consists of four chapters. During chapters 1-3, we will lay a foundation of colour knowledge. Here, we will learn about colour design principles and why a colour may look different in different settings. In chapter 4, we will dive into the 10 customer cases, and learn how to solve them. This e-learning is covering both interior and exterior environments.

Learning goals:

  • Handle the most frequently asked and tricky questions from customers.
  • Guide customers to accurate and quick colour decisions.
  • Become confident in how to get the desired colour result.
  • Understand how colour may look different in different settings.
  • Learn about colour combinations and design principles.


  • 4-hour online e-learning.
  • Video lectures, combined with self-training exercises.
  • Works on computer, tablet och mobile phone. Internet connection needed.
  • Access during 90 days.

Below, you can watch a video where we demonstrate a common customer case:

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about NCS in Paint Stores by filling out this form:


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