Exlusive launch of NCS Colour Trend Talk

10 November 2020

Watch our Trend Talk which we gave earlier this year during Stockholm Furniture Fair.

What colours will be the most sought after in the coming years? Watch our renowned NCS Colour Trends 2021+ talk which we presented at the leading event for Scandinavian design: Stockholm Furniture Fair. Gain all the insights in how the colour trends will evolve, what factors are affecting the colour directions, and what the NCS Colour Trends for 2021+ are.

“This seminar was given in February 2020, hence before any knowledge about Covid-19 and its consequences. The forecast is, however, more relevant than ever. We predicted that 2020 would hold major happenings and turning points which would dramatically affect us. This mainly due to the climate change. However, Covid-19 took its place and accelerated this.”

– The forecasting team at NCS Colour®


Limited edition NCS Colour Trend Book

With NCS Color Trends 2021+, you get inspiration and a relevant decision basis for your colour choices. The trend book gives a forecast and describes the colours and directions for 2021+. A separate colour fan is included, giving you a handy overview of the colour palette.

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