Explore Virtual Relativity – one of the important trends for 2021+

16 March 2020

Virtual Relativity is an acceptance of the fake as we find comfort in the unreal.

In the same way that the Art Deco era emerged after the horrors of World War I, with its new kind of opulence and extravagant colours, today we can see a similar reality arising due to the new global climate. And it is very virtual and very relative!

We are diving into a completely different universe, built on a fascination with the unknown and unfamiliar attributes. Today, we want to escape from reality into a familiar, controllable, perfect “world” – knowing that it is neither real nor trustworthy.

A new form of distraction acts as therapy, escaping into a new fantasy or rather a relative reality; a world of multifaceted truths. This is an evolution of Human Identity connected to both Artificial and Human Intelligence. However, today it is a new kind of merged intelligence – an emotional intelligence.

Developing a virtual reality with earth-like and human attributes, playing on the emotional triggers of being human, enforces our ability to feel a connection to something that is unreal, that is fake. We escape into VR worlds that are very similar to our own. These VR worlds are an improved and safe reality where we know what is true, that it is all fiction.


It is in the pastel world of Art Deco where we see that the finishes are not flat nor single coloured. They are rounded, shiny and pearlescent, a gradient of toned pastels. The finishes have attributes of shimmering, reflective surfaces. The futuristic nature of this trend is revealed by highly technological and experimental processes on the latest materials, enforced by our virtual and digital worlds. Materials that are diverse in their composition, creating a sensory alteration.


Virtual Relativity presents a pretty and perfect world full of pastel shades. Light blue and light reds are dominating, preferably with even lighter shades and attributes of white. The deep blue balances this palette and makes this perfected world realistic. This is an impeccable blue to use both as an accent and on larger surfaces, using the pastels and light shades as sprinkles of light in a harmonic blue world. The colours indulge us in comfort and delight with a feeling of balanced luxury. Something that we want to be real.


Virtual Relativity is one of four colour trends presented in the limited edition trend book – NCS Colour Trends 2021+.

This trend book is packed with unique insight into the international drivers for colour, material and finishes – applicable cross industry. It also contains extended trend stories, unique image collections and colour palettes that gives you the most important colours to keep track of. The trends are presented in four different themes; Virtual Relativity, Bio-Depth, Seeds and Honesty.

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