Explore Zience, one of the important colour trends for 2022+

21 April 2021

Zience is about living in the present and the search for the purpose of life. Colours reflect this meditative state we are in.

Last year, NCS Colour gathered a team of internationally renowned colour experts, in order to develop the forecast NCS Colour Trends 2022+. The forecast covers analyzes of what is going on in our society, as well as our behaviour and needs and from these insights, the trend team has summarized the colours in four different trend directions. Zience is the name of one of these directions or colour moods.


The pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives and wellbeing. We believe 2022+ will be a post-pandemic world. Our mindset, behaviour and mood will be a consequence of what we have been through during these exhausting and uncertain times.

During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in interest in spiritual matters and meditation. The pandemic and forced isolation gave us time to think and reflect on things, and how we wish for our lives to be. This so-called mass meditation has made us embrace the present. We meditate about our lives and wish to be in the present. We have also learned, that true facts can be comforting, independently if the facts are good or bad.

Our connection to the present is furthermore a link to our roots and origin. This functions as an eye-opener to us, we learn how to focus on our immediate surroundings. We get conscious of our future and want to secure it.


We begin by making sure that our local area is prioritised. This is manifested through a focus on handicrafts, creativity and locally produced products. Mass-production is not that interesting to us anymore.


The colours reflect a balanced palette where yin and yang come to life through NCS S 6030-G30Y, a dark green, and NCS S 5040-Y90R, a red, natural colour, with the addition of NCS S 4040-Y30R, a golden ochre. The colour palette is celebrating the joining of zen and science.


The mood of Zience is reflected through the two words “Wabi” and “Sabi”. Together, they refer to the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection, or simply wabi-sabi. The real focus is the sensory feeling; we want to feel the roughness and irregularities of objects. Rough concrete, ceramics and irregular natural surfaces are appreciated.

Learn more about Zience, in our limited edition trend book NCS Colour Trends 2022+.


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