Happy Holidays

13 December 2021

Season´s greetings from us, to everyone. This year, our support goes to Friends and WaterAid.

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! This year, we are supporting two different charitable organisations:


By donation to Friends we give a small organisation means to continue their work for a world where children and youth are safe. Together we can stop bullying! Learning and helping children be friends sets the frames on how they will be as adults, and we need to strive to always be better people and take care of each other.




A difficult year for the world is coming to an end. A year that we want to end in a positive way. This Christmas we are turning the world around with clean water. Because when people and communities get clean water, their prospects are turned from a hopeless future to a sustainable future.

This year, we support WaterAid to ensure that more people have sustainable access to clean water.



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