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12 November 2019

We are excited to finally launch a brand new article series to share unique and exclusive content with you as a colour professional!

The NCS Articles will cover topics from colour- and trend analyses to inspiring customer journeys and stories that inspire and give key insights to support you in your work with colour when designing, advising or communicating colour.

The NCS Articles will be downloadable via our website. Get access to to our very first NCS Article below.



Walking the halls of the largest expo for Nordics Interior Design – Formex Design Fair in Stockholm earlier this autumn, a powerful yet damped colour schemes was used.

We have made an exclusive study to review their prediction of the upcoming years colour trends and if they align with the general colour movements.

With the help of our colour readers NCS Colourpin II and NCS Colourpin SE we defined and analysed the colours to discover both the answer to our question, the key colours for next year and a discovery closely connected the NCS Colour Trends 2019+.

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