Introducing NCS+ app

9 October 2021

Discover the new app developed by NCS Colour.

Explore a world of colours with NCS+, the brand new NCS Colour app that helps you succeed with any colour design. NCS+ is a mobile-based colour tool for interior designers, architects, painters, or anyone who needs a professional colour reference for their next project. The app is based on the NCS System – a colour system and colour referencing language which accurately specifies a colour for any industrially produced product such as paint, flooring, tiles, textiles etc.



NCS+ gives you inspiration, colour advice, colour trends, and the possibility to browse all 1950 NCS Standard colours. Within the app, you can explore all of the NCS Colour products such as Trend collections, NCS Index, NCS Exterior and NCS Inspire.

“When people first encounter the NCS System they are amazed. Suddenly, there is a way to describe and define the elusive colour in your mind. The NCS+ app is a first, tiny step into a new world of colour where you can explore all the opportunities with the Natural Colour System.” – Fredrik Lundgren, Product Manager, NCS Colour.


NCS+ is available on both App Store and Google Play.

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