Launching NCS+ Web Enterprise

26 April 2023

Team access to NCS+ Web

NCS+ Web is an innovative web application that seamlessly integrates impactful colour work with desktop compatibility. It enables creative professionals to explore, select, collaborate and communicate colours, all powered by the science behind NCS – Natural Colour System®.


  • Translate colours
  • Access NCS colour collections
  • Collaborate in boards
  • NCS Navigator
  • Access to all 2050 NCS Standard colours
  • Export data to other software


Enterprise for your team

We are excited to announce our enterprise model, designed for offices with multiple team members. Our enterprise offer includes an account setup with an administrator who can invite X number of users to access NCS+ Web.


Work together on projects

With NCS+ Web, you can work digitally with the complete NCS System. You´ll have access to all NCS Standard colours, which you can download to your desktop or export to other software like Adobe or Figma. Our boards feature allows your team to collaborate on projects, creating palettes and colour spaces to suit any ongoing design project.


Colour combinations made easy with NCS

The NCS System is designed to make the design process as smooth as possible, allowing you to create harmonising colour combinations with ease. Based on the NCS System, colours can be combined through nuances, whiteness or lightness, and more.

Collaborative boards

NCS+ Web makes it easy to collaborate on colour projects, with anyone, anywhere. Whether you need a way to communicate colour and collaborate on projects with colleagues working from remotely or in different locations, our platform is perfect for you. Use the boards function to work together by adding colours and images, naming them according to their purpose, and sharing the results with clients. Our free form tool is a new feature that allows you to scale and move images to your liking.


Are you interested in learning more about NCS+ Web, or get a quote regarding our enterprise model? Then click the link below.



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