Live stream NCS Colour Trend Talk 2022+

5 March 2021

The pandemic has acted as a global driver of change and made this a reality, from one day to another. 2022+ will hopefully be a post pandemic world.

We are launching our first ever digital Trend talk! Be the first to take part of the NCS Colour Trends 2022+ by joining our exclusive live streamed NCS Colour Trend Talk at Microsoft Teams! Gain insight in what the Colour Trends for 2022+ are and what factors that are driving the colour directions.

Date: March 12th, 2021
Time: 12:00-12:30 CET
Place: Microsoft Teams
Speaker: Karl Johan Bertilsson, Creative Director at NCS Colour



NCS Colour Trends 2022+ gives a unique insight into the international drivers for colour, material and finishes, applicable cross-industry. The forecast is developed by a team consisting of internationally renowned experts within their field. As a result, the forecast offers relevant colour palettes and attributes to suit any market and industry. A special thank you to the NCS Colour Forecasting Team and it’s contributors; Emma Clerici & Manù Bonaiti, Baolab, Kun Dai, Architect and interior designer, Laura Perryman, Colour of Saying, Montaha Hidefi, VP Colour Forecasting, Color Marketing Group (CMG), Weiwei Lin, Kun Dai.


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