Luca Nichetto’s weapon of choice: Colour

11 September 2015

Luca Nichetto, the Stockholm-based Italian designer and founder of Nichetto Studio, has taken a natural place as the challenger of the traditional way of looking at design.

Last spring, Nichetto Studio launched their latest furniture collection created for De La Espada – design pieces where colour and shape weren’t considered separately, but rather as two integral parts of a single unique project.

The starting point for the definition of the colour palettes was the Herbarium, an extensive research project by Massimo Gardone on natural elements such as flowers and leaves. The multiple variations of hues where extracted with the help of the small colour scanner – Colourpin by NCS. Using the logic of Natural Colour System (NCS), Nichetto Studio then pinpointed harmonious colour areas before dividing them into three tonalities; warm, cold and neutral.

Being inspired by the colours of nature where fabric, stone, wood and lacquer surfaces were used, Nichetto Studio created a collection where all pieces could be combined freely. Letting colour and material play a major role, rather than a contemporary trend or even shape.

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