NCS Colour at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018

9 January 2018

Learn more about Colours and Trends 2019+ on February 9th-10th, 2018.

NCS Colour will deliver one of the lectures at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair which will be presented by Mr. Karl Johan Bertilsson, Creative Director at NCS Colour Academy. Choosing the right colour can be the decisive factor whether any design is successful or not. This is why it is important to understand trends of colours. In his lecture, Karl Johan Bertilsson will presents the forecast of the colours the coming two years and why they exist


                   Place: Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks – VH:01

                   Date: February 9th 2018 at 16:00-16:50 & February 10th 2018 at 11:00 –               11:50.


For more information, please visit Stockholm Furniture Fair’s website,

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