NCS COLOUR TRENDS 2020+ – Limited Edition

13 May 2019

In celebration of NCS – Natural Colour System’s 40th anniversary this year we are soon launching a limited edition of NCS Colour Trends 2020+.

NCS Colour Trends 2020+ Limited Edition is a cross-industrial Trend Book in a unique and more extensive format. Packed with inspirational mood boards, insights about the trend drivers and how they will affect the colour movements from today, combined with extended stories and colour palettes for the most important trends for the upcoming years.


The Trend Book is a digital printed product and sold exclusively on


Increased consciousness is the most significant driver of the colour directions for the years to come. It affects all aspects of life; how we live, how we consume, and how we feel as humans.

In NCS Colour Trends 2020+ four dominating trends are identified based on the most important drivers of today, both independent and interdependent. Reflecting a circular approach where sustainability lies at the core. Integrity which has been born out of a digital overshare making us want to live off the grid and go incognito. Human Rights and liberation to be yourself, whomever you choose to be, and a new type of human identity where human and artificial intelligence is unified. Summed up into the four trend stories; Evolving Eclecticism, Shades of Incognito, New Masculinity and Human Identity.

“The drivers are pushing the colour direction for the coming seasons toward are less bold colour area, with less chromatic colours of toned-down hues of washed-out pastels, warm greys and rich blues.” explains, Karl Johan Bertilsson, Creative Director at NCS Colour.

(The picture is a collage of several trends.)


For the trend colours of 2020+ we have reinforced our colour forecasting by inviting several internationally renowned colour experts to join us. As a result, the NCS Colour Trends 2020+ offers an even more globally accurate colour forecast with international relevant palettes – to suit any market and industry.

The forecasting team at NCS Colour: Karl Johan Bertilsson, Marie Thaarup and Anna af Sillén.

A special thank you to our contributors for their valuable input in this NCS Colour Production: Laura Perryman, Justine Fox, Per Nimér, Dagny Thurmann-Moe and Latika Khosla.

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