NCS Seminar at AIC, Buenos Aires

30 September 2019

We are happy to invite you to join our NCS Seminar during the International Colour Association – AIC in Buenos Aires October 17th to learn about the exterior colour design…

As proud partner and guest speaker we will share our findings on what it takes to consider the exterior colour of a recidental building to be good, bad, nice or ugly. But also how sourroundings, light and even the season will affect the liking of an observer.

Date: October 17th
Time: 11:00-15:00
Place: Universidad de Belgrano, Zabala 1837, Buenos Aires
Auditorium: Roca

As the result of the development in tinting of paint, where the modern tinting technology now can almost produce any colour shade, the range of colours has extended to other areas. New areas of off-whites, pastels and more chromatic colours have become more used by Swedish private houseowners and as a result, the selected exterior colours now are challenging the observer in a different way that we are used to.

With the help of the NCS System, visual assessments and readings, we have analysed the colour choices of a number of selected houseowners in Sweden, and what it is that makes some of the colour designs to appear more appealing than others.


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