NCS Talk at Formex

16 August 2019

For more than 40 years NCS Colour has revolutionised the way we communicate colour!

NCS – Natural Colour System – is a colour system used around the world for a global colour communication. The NCS System is scientifically based on how we perceive colours visually. It allows you to describe colours on any imaginable surface. This has made the colour system a global standard for the definition, quality assurance and communication of colour.

After the launch of the NCS System in 1979, it quickly became the preferable colour standard internationally among architects, designers and the industry globally. With passion for colour and with iconic products such as NCS Index and NCS Atlas, NCS Colour has continued to develop new innovative solutions for colour communication. From colour readers such as NCS Colpurpin SE to the cloud-based platform for colour communication – CAPQ.

Learn more about the history of one of the world’s most recognised colour systems and how NCS has taken a natural place at some of the world’s most renowned architectural offices, design agencies and industries. As well as how NCS can support you in your colour communication!

DATE: August 22nd
PLACE: Formex, Stockholmsmässan
HALL: B 17:30
TIME: 14:45-15:15

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