One; a trend direction with connection to nature

28 June 2021

We need relief and harmony after the revolutionary last couple of years. Colours are neutral, calm, and reflect our need of spending time outdoors and being one with nature.

One is the second trend direction of the NCS Colour Trends 2022+. The pandemic has made us want to live in the countryside again, since the only way to socialise with others, was to meet outdoors in areas without any crowding. So, we left the urban areas, and by doing this, discovered our surrounding nature and how important and positive impact it has on us. For the first time, for many of us, we seek comfort in being outdoors and spending time in nature. We see and understand that nature is a living being and feel like we are one with nature. The great urbanisation trend is unexpectedly broken.

Nature and environment have kept us safe during this health crisis. Adaption of outdoor spaces, grown walls, vital safe areas, allow symbiotic enjoyment and protection at the same time. – Laura Perryman, Colour of Saying.


This trend mood, or feeling, describes the connection between humanity and the earth. We respect our earth. ONE is a homage to nature we just have discovered and that we want to join forces with. Our lives, activities, social life are all in connection to nature.


The colours of One are not strong, nor dark, they are paler colours of nature. We are heading towards lighter, preferable natural colours. This palette is calm and neutral, with similarities in blackness and chromaticness. The greenish-blue NCS S 2020-B30G makes a slight contrast, but still, it is a quite toned down one.


The use of natural substrates like mycelium composed of straw our groundwood in, for example, insulating panels or packaging, is interesting for us. We also welcome transparency and translucid materials, using spots of transparency even in rougher material.


Learn more about One, in our limited edition trend book NCS Colour Trends 2022+. In this exclusive book, you can read all about the drivers, explore the colour palettes and exclusive images. To provide additional benefits, a fan deck with coated colour samples of all the trend colours is included in the book.


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