Order your NCS Colour Trends for 2020+

3 October 2018

A bold mix of styles and materials, living off the grid and the impact of artificial intelligence. The drivers for the upcoming colour trends are as interesting as they are relevant!

This year we have gathered international colour experts to forecast the most important trends for the years to come. The result, a brand new fan deck – NCS Colour Trends 2020+ with colours ranging from washed out pastels, earthy browns, saturated blues and warm green hues. It is an interesting mix of colours that not only reflects a new type of era that begins 2020. But important groups of colours for the years to come. Presented in four different themes; New Masculinity, Shades of Incognito, Human Identity and Evolving Eclecticism.

This year we are offering new options to adapt the trend fan deck to align with any brand identity. Please contact your NCS Colour Sales contact, or our customer service at info@ncscolour.com for more info and order.



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