Seeds – traditions and folklore inspire one of the colour trends for 2021+

14 October 2020

Seeds is an exciting colour mood where tradition and folklore are interpreted to create a new way of being.

“We want to plant seeds to grow a new, better world, based on the best of our traditions, our folklore and our roots.”

Discover the third trend story for 2021+. The name of this story is Seeds and it reflects the search for a greater connection to our roots. We seek to belong to something and this is a consequence of globalisation and the political climate. So, we want to show our heritage to others with pride, and invite them into our world where they can learn the best from our roots.


By using the best of our traditions and folklore, we create a contemporary interpretation. The contrasts between materials and colours reflect the cultural and aesthetic mix of this trend. Furthermore, surfaces are multi-coloured and often composed of materials that are different from another. Hence, this creates an interesting mosaic where tradition and modernity are joined together.


The palette is a multi-coloured mix of new meets old, meets fusion. We embrace our folklore and make modern interpretations. Traditional chromatic colours have become less bold. This creates a warm colour palette where paler yellows and orange tones are dominating. Red is striking in this group of colours, however, you should not use it on larger surfaces. Instead, red functions as an accent spot in a quite pale and harmonic palette. Green acts as the driving force behind this colour palette. It connects our heritage to today’s focus on climate change and the preservation of nature.


Seeds is one of four colour trends presented in NCS Colour Trends 2021+, a limited edition trend book. The forecast contains unique insights into the international drivers for colour, material and finishes. NCS Colour Trends 2021+ is applicable cross-industry. Here you can find trend stories, unique image collections, and colour palettes to keep track of. Four different groups present the colour trends: Virtual Relativity, Bio-Depth, Seeds, and Honesty.


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