Spring Rebels, a 2022+ trend direction

20 October 2021

The pandemic has featured isolation, fears and uncertainties. But finally, we open our doors to a world of freedom, and the possibility to meet others. Colours reflect this optimistic feeling.

We believe 2022+ will be a post-pandemic world. Our mindset, behaviour and mood will largely be a consequence of what we have been through during the past years. A new world is beginning. After a long period of isolation, fears and uncertainties, we finally open our doors to a new world of freedom, comfort, and literally the possibility to meet others. Perhaps the world is not ready yet. But we want it to be ready. It needs to be about happiness and joy.

There is also an enormous focus on climate change, pushed by a very active Generation Z. This is a generation brought up in times of social injustices, polarisation, extremism, sexism, terrorism and diseases. Gen Z is a game-changing generation who rebels against everything that is depressing. They want to live in a good, honest, safe and healthy world. People are demanding acts for change but also acts of optimism and joy.


Discover an explosion of chromatic colours! The colours of SPRING REBELS represent the huge relief felt after the, hopefully, end of the pandemic, a mood of happiness. The colours remind us of the delight in receiving the blooming spring after a long, cold and dark winter.

We embrace a true liberation from bad vibes.

– Weiwei Lin, Chief CMF Researcher and Textile Designer of Kun Dai´s Interior Design Group.

NCS S 3050-R30B, a vivid fuchsia or bougainvillaea, comes to life together with NCS S 1050-Y20R, and apricot yellow. NCS S 3030-G50Y lends a feeling of fresh grass on a meadow. The colours function as contrasts to each other. This is a palette where we want things to happen – the colours are placed far out to the right in the NCS Colour Triangle. Furthermore, Spring Rebels, emphasises the colours that remind us of a digital way of socialising, which was, apart from being outdoors, a means where we could meet each other during the pandemic.


In this trend direction, we see an increased focus on recycling and reparation. Waste materials, such as plastics in the ocean, are being used for producing new products, which often do not look like they have been recycled at all.


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