Join us at Stora Trenddagen 2023

21 November 2022

Introducing the NCS colour trends forecast at Stora Trenddagen.

Welcome to an exciting event where we, in collaboration with Stefan Nilsson, will reveal the colour trends for 2024+. During a 90 minute seminar, available digitally and also as a live event in Stockholm, Sweden, we will talk about trends, lifestyle and behaviors. We will answer questions like “What will consumerism and retail look like? And what will the design look like?” A full insight into the trend colours for 2024+ will be delivered.



Trends, interiors and lifestyle – with the colours of the year

Stora Trenddagen (the grand trend day) was initiated 11 years ago in Stockholm. The aim was to give designers, producers, communication experts and media a clear overview of how the trends would look like, the coming years.

It is more difficult than ever to forecast trends and colours. Stora Trenddagen is an elaborated and appreciated seminar where we talk about retail, behaviors, sustainability, and of course, a lot of colour.

– Stefan Nilsson, founder Stora Trenddagen.

The Natural Colour System® – NCS System, forms a Swedish and international standard. It helps companies, designers, and architects to communicate, specify and control exact colour nuances.

– In our role as colour expert, it is important to always look ahead at what will come, and how we in the best way can represent this with our standard colours. With the NCS System as our core, we will deliver colourful inspiration and insights. Our aim is to help our clients to make grounded and well-informed colour decisions, says Elin Askfelt, CEO NCS Colour.



Digital presentation:

Jan 25th, 2023.

Watch the digital seminar from your computer, tablet or phone. The digital event is available in English.

Ticket price: 550 SEK (approx. 50 EUR) including VAT.

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Live event:

Jan 25th, 2023, at Historiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden.

11.30-13.00 CET or 17.30-19.30 CET.

The event will be held in Swedish.

Ticket price: 750 SEK (approx. 69 EUR) including VAT.

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Tickets includes NCS Colour Trends fandeck 2024+, produced by NCS Colour.

Stora Trenddagen

Stora Trenddagen, which is Swedish for “the major trend day”, is a collaboration between NCS Colour and Stefan Nilsson, founder of Stora Trenddagen.


NCS Colour Trends

NCS Colour Trends 2024+ gives a unique insight into the international drivers for colour, material and finishes, applicable cross-industry. The forecast is developed by a team consisting of renowned experts within their field. As a result, the forecast offers relevant colour palettes and attributes to suit any market and industry.


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