Pre-launch NCS Colour Trends 2022+ at Stora Trenddagen

19 January 2021

Discover the colour trends for year 2022+.

February 2nd we will join trend seminar Stora Trenddagen to pre-launch NCS Colour Trends 2022+. This event is a 90-minute digital seminar where you will find out all about what is happening within lifestyle, design, and behaviour in the coming years. The colour forecast will be presented by Kennet Vrågård, who frequently holds NCS workshops at design events such as Dutch Design Week, Formex, and IMM.

Stora Trenddagen was initiated nine years ago in Stockholm with the aim to give designers, producers, communications experts and media a clear overview of coming years. Now, with a ten-year anniversary, a new and stronger concept is presented.

With the pandemic, we are evidently going through a paradigm shift. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to needs, dreams and our everyday life. By inviting the colour experts at NCS Colour, the Stora Trenddagen project can have two clear segments – lifestyle and colours. Both are equally important and need their respective experts, says Stefan Nilsson, founder of Stora Trenddagen.

The Natural Colour System® – NCS System, forms a Swedish and international standard. It helps companies, designers and architects to communicate, specify and control exact colour nuances.

With a starting point from the NCS System, we hope to deliver a colourful inspiration and help clients to make grounded decisions, and also colourful results, says Elin Askfelt, CEO, NCS Colour.

This is the perfect opportunity to get a thorough overview of the life after the pandemic, and onwards. We will be presenting insights and surveys from all over the world.

Date: Feb 2, 2021

Time: 08.00-10.00 CET.

Ticket price is 499 SEK (approx 49 EUR) and includes a colour fan deck for 2022+, produced by NCS Colour.

Please visit for more information and to book your ticket.

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