Explore the drivers behind the Colour Trends for 2021+

20 February 2020

The 2021+ colour directions are very clear. Emphasised and pushed by a new era of search for truths. But why is that?

As the world is undergoing huge global changes. From the climate to political, economic and cultural transformations, it challenges the essence of us humans. We long for a collective sense of community and togetherness, living without national borders or religious differences while powerfully seeking a connection to our own roots, our origins and our individual well-being. Yet at the same time we are struggling with a world that is becoming more divided and build barriers between ourselves. 2021 will be a year of relative uncertainty.

Today people are able to build empires based on fictive truths and manipulation. Being untruthful is greeted with silent acceptance, and truth has become relative. Simultaneously we seek the real truth, which challenges the new norm of accepting the untrue, making 2021 the Age of True Lies!


The colour directions of 2021+ are very clear, emphasised and pushed by a new era of search for truths.

We can see that our preferences are moving towards more neutral and pale colours, combined with dark but warm hues and highlighted with red as an important chromatic accent.

As we want to use colours to reflect our mood, one colour or nuance is simply not enough, making colour blocking even more prominent 2021.


NCS Colour Trends 2021+ is a limited edition trend book that offers a unique insight into the international drivers for colour, material and finishes applicable cross-industry.

Packed with extended trend stories, unique image collections and colour palettes that gives you the most important colours to keep track of. Presented in four different groups of trends; Virtual Relativity, Bio-Depth, Seeds and Honesty.

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For the trend colours of 2021+ we have reinforced our colour forecasting by inviting several internationally renowned colour and material experts to join us. As a result, the NCS Colour Trends 2021+ offers a globally accurate colour forecast with international relevant palettes – to suit any market and industry.

The colour forecasting team at NCS Colour:

Karl Johan Bertilsson, Creative Director, Marie Thaarup, Marketing Manager and Anna af Sillén, Communication Specialist.

A special thanks to our trend panel for their valuable input in this forecast:
Emma Clericia, Manù Bonaiti and their team at Baolab, Laura Perryman and Latika Khosla.

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