Which are the colour trends everyone will be talking about?

19 September 2016

Assembling colour trends for tomorrow might seem like guesswork, but really it is all about having a sense of today…

The colour trends for coming seasons are a bold mix between rebellious subtle luxury and togetherness – colour palettes of daring accents, grounded hues and subtle details in silver and gold.

To forecast a trend, it is important to understand that most of the trend drivers are a consequence of the stories that different parts of the world are telling, which are influencing our way of thinking and acting. For the past few years the world has directed its focus at Europe, the USA, the Middle East and China, where independence movements have been taking us to the extreme and have changed our way of living. This has triggered a rebellious reaction amongst us, where we once wanted to escape, hide and disconnect ourselves in a fantasy far away – we are now facing our realities and doing the best we can to make life beautiful. But also making room for more heroes, and if it is a woman – even better! Just as they have done historically, bold colours will be playing a significant part in this.

However, while some parts of the world are tangled up in Brexit, plan on closing off their country, or are developing an even stronger resistance to those who think differently, a whole continent is rising in importance… Africa. A new Africa which has taken the lead in slowly becoming a modern, successful and wealthy continent. Africa will therefore become an important driver for material and colour trends to come.

Another trend to keep in mind is the rebellious where vivid yellow, reds and blue will be accompanied by black. Also, the trend of rawness that we have seen for a while is shifting towards Scandinavian minimalism with marble and stone effects together subtle details of luxury in silver and gold. We will also see grounded hues of green, purple and brown as the need of togetherness and a more collective thinking I growing as a reaction to the climate changes.


In short the Colour Trends 2018 is launched where four of the most important trend directions are presented along with inspirational images, NCS Notations and trend stories to give you the insights on where they are heading. The NCS Colour Trends 2018 is assembled together with colour trend forecasters Justine Fox and Laura Perryman.


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