Broeinest x NCS Colour, a colour design workshop

7 September 2018

Broeinest x NCS Colour invites you to join our creative workshop during Dutch Design Week where you will learn how to make colour combinations more easily and how to work…

We will begin with an introduction where you will gain knowledge about the NCS System, the Natural Colour System, and how it can support you in your work with colour combinations and communication. Afterwards we will begin our workshop starting with a case where you will set a colour and then learn how to find supporting colour combinations to this colour. The tools and material for the workshop will be our NCS Colour Design Tools, a combination of physical colour samples and digital colour readers and exercise material.

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Saturday 27 Oct.

Time: 10:00-11:00

Place: Broeinest, Eindhoven

Note: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the workshop for preparations

Limited amount! Please note the there is only a limited amount of places available for each workshop and that you have to register and receive a confirmation prior the event.

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