Zero – the beginning of a brand new start

15 December 2021

We reset our minds and start over again. This time in a more conscious and positive way.

The beginning is neutral, with the first steps into a colour direction – we begin from zero. ZERO is also the name of the fourth NCS Colour Trend for the year 2022+. The pandemic has been influential in how we feel about our place in the world. So we believe, 2022+ will in many ways be a brand-new start. Instead of making small changes, we now stop and reset our minds to start from the beginning, making big and decisive changes.

Time is a limited resource. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the consequent lockdown, reset the status quo for many of us, moving away from harmful habits.

  • Emma Clerici & Manuela Bonaiti, Baolab.


The beginning is neutral

Health is key in our new world, which also affects our design and architecture. We install possibilities to wash our hands where there was none, air purifications are frequently used. Spaces are designed to permit distancing, products should be repellent to viruses. Furthermore, they should be perceived as clean and pure. Our mindset is also to invest in products that are based on sustainable or recycled material, wanting them to last for a long time. Because of this, the designs should be functional and the colours timeless.


The colour palette

In primitive languages, if there are only two words for colours, these are always “black” and “white”. These are the most important and understandable colours, for all of us. Black and white are a marker of this restart. However, the use of black and white only is not an option. But the contrast of using them together makes this palette relevant and interesting. This is a logical and psychological step from where we are today. We have, with a few exceptions, been moving away from the chromatic colours, making them paler, darker and more neutral.

This is bold, new progress of black & white. However, we have the option of varying the scales of grey and allowing a spot of colour, by using one of the most popular hues: R80B. These reddish, blue colours like NCS S 4040-R80B and NCS S 2020-R80B, are a logical step before returning to an acceptance of more colours. Blue connects us to the purity of water and air. It is also a beautiful spot colour in variation to the black and white dominance.



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NCS Colour Trend Book

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