Quality Policy

As our customer, you should always be able to trust that our products and services are of the highest quality.

The definition of quality for us is how well we succeed and preferably exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations. By always letting the customer’s needs be in focus, we deliver solutions with high and consistent quality, always with good service to be able to meet the vision of being the first choice for colour communication and quality assurance internationally.


  • All employees must be familiar with the quality policy
  • The customer’s needs should always be in focus for creating a positive customer experience
  • Employees must ensure that their work results correspond to the customer’s specifications
  • The quality work must be proactively and continually managed towards new goals for higher quality, and be continuously developed through internal audits
  • Marketing and sales work must be conducted in a correct and instructive manner to be able to meet the expectations our information gives the customer
  • Methods and technology that ensure high quality of performance should always be used


The CEO has the overall responsibility for the company’s quality work. Support is available at central level from the head of departments, who carry the responsibility for ensuring that the operational management system is applied and developed. The requirements according to ISO 9001 form the basis for the quality work of the business.


Our commitments are controlled and followed up in the Quality Management System. It helps us live up to customer expectations as well as meeting up to legal requirements and regulations to ensure high and consistent quality.

We assure the quality and improve the business by following established routines and working methods in the Quality Management System and through continuous improvement work.

Procedures for collecting, processing, reporting and using the information on the quality of products and services achieved are continuously applied.

Certificate 9001