Colour trends and the NCS System

Why is colour so important when it comes to determining whether a design is successful or not?  How are colour trends created? And how can the NCS System help us in the analysis of colours and colour trends? The answers to these questions can be found in our new NCS Article; Colour trends & the NCS System.

Discover how we make our colour samples

Why do we need a language for communicating colour, as well as accurate reference tools to describe them? Discover how we make our colour samples, what the production process looks like and why we use coated paint on paper.

Exterior colour design in northern Sweden

Why do we perceive exterior colour design as good or bad? Nice or ugly? Learn about exterior colour design, and read about two private houses in northern Sweden where the exterior colour choice is more untraditional than usual. How does this affect how we perceive the house? We will also give you advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes when choosing an exterior colour.

40 years of colour history

Discover how the NCS System became the preferred colour system for architects, designers and for the industry globally, and get unique insight in the development of one of the world’s most popular colour systems.