NCS in Design

Get the practical and professional tools for communicating and working with colours in a professional way. NCS in Design focuses on colour design principles and how to work smart with colour harmonies using the NCS System.


We start with building a foundation of colour knowledge that includes managing the complexity of colour communication. We teach you the smartness of the NCS System and how you can communicate colours easily. From the smartness of the NCS System we create colour harmonies and combinations in relation to percieved colour. We also go through the colouring principles so that you know what to consider in your colour design.


  • Manage the complexity of colour communication
  • Apply the smartness of the NCS System
  • Create colour harmonies and combinations
  • Make conscious colour decisions and motivate them
  • Analyse and choose colours based on their impact in different environments


  • The importance of colour
  • Professional colour communication
  • Colour design process
  • Colour areas and combinations
  • Perceived and inherent colours
  • The smartness of the NCS System as a practical tool in design


This course can be delivered as standard online or live on fixed dates at the headoffice in Stockholm. You can also make a group booking for your company, and we’ll come to you. If you would you like to make adjustments to the standard course, like for example language options, this is also a possibility.

For more information and booking, please see here or contact:

NCS Colour Academy