Colour is a strong component in any successful design. The influence of colour on shape and experience is key to our aesthetic perception.

We offer courses to professionally develop colour design skills in architecture, interior design, and colour perception. We’ll give you the right tools and experience to be able to make rational colour choices that support your design intuition. Make colour design work easier, support your choice of colours and inspire your customers.

About Colour Academy

Colour Academy has offered colour training sessions for more than 75 years. Our aim is to contribute to the improvement of colourisation within architecture, design, colour control, sales, and colour communication – from an aesthetic as well as a functional perspective.

Colour Academy is the academic unit within NCS Colour. It offers tailored university-level guest lectures and presentations at international design fairs and colour conventions. All our knowledge is based on many years’ worth of research and experience.

The authority on colour

Colour Academy’s representatives are on juries and expert panels in colour competitions for colour design and architecture, and work actively to support future designers and architects in their work with colour.

Tasked with ensuring colour knowledge is high on the design agenda, the NCS Colour Academy is also represented within the following organisations, to name a few:


The AIC (Association Internationale de la Couleur) which object is to encourage colour research and disseminate the gained knowledge from this research. This international network currently has representatives from 36 countries and consists of academics, colour researchers, university lecturers, architects, interior architects, and consultants, where one of the founders is the Swedish Colour Centre Foundation. An organization that is supported by NCS Colour, and whose purpose is to support and spread the knowledge and research on colour.

CMG (Color Marketing Group)

Color Academy was previously involved in CMG’s group as colour experts, in the production of new ‘colour trend directions’ – forecasts created in ‘ChromaZones’ with colour experts from around the world.

Hong kong housing authority

The Hong Kong Housing Authority was tasked by the government to create attractive accommodation. Since 2004, NCS has partnered with the authority on exterior colourisation training. NCS holds regular training sessions with the housing authority team.

HonG kong Design Center

Courses for designers and design teachers during ‘Knowledge of Design’ week. Current course: ‘From idea to reality’ – about art and the science of colour communication.