Certified Colour Adviser

Main programme, 18 pts
Language: Swedish

Who is this for?

Anyone who works professionally with colour advisory services and colour design in shops and wants to be more confident in their choice of colours, increase their competence, and have successful discussions with their customers when recommending colours for interior and exterior environments. The qualification of Certified Colour Adviser also gives your company a key position in the market.

By ensuring all teachers are active in colour design, we achieve a strong presence in the workplace. Our teachers have a passion for training, key competencies in the relevant fields, and a common vision to strengthen colour knowledge.


Basic training that does not require any high school qualifications in architecture or design. The complete training consists of the following modules:

  • 1 day Colour Perception and the NCS system (2.5 pts)
  • 3 days Interior Colourisation (7.5 pts)
  • 3 days Exterior Colourisation (7.5 pts)
  • Colour Perception Test
  • Exam (0.5 pts)

You can choose to take all the courses during one semester or choose the relevant courses over a two-year period.

Course structure

The courses are a mixture of theory and practice. The study visit will showcase colour design in practise and provide inspiration for our colourisation assignments. The Exterior Colour Design and Interior Colour Design courses are rounded off with you being given the opportunity to practice presenting your colour schemes successfully. Along with the courses, you will take a colour perception test, giving you the knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses in colour perception, a useful skill in communication with your customers. The training ends with a written exam online based on the course material and literature, as proof of the knowledge you have gained. You will obtain a diploma and the title of Certified Colour Adviser.

Prices and package deals

When booking the entire programme for the whole 7 days at the same time, you will receive a discount package deal of EUR 2,460 excluding VAT. The standard price is EUR 3,080 excluding VAT, which means that you get the one-day course on Colour Perception and NCS system for free. The package deal includes lunches, coffee breaks, course materials, literature, colour perception test, the exam, and the certificate. You can take all courses in one semester and become a Certified Colour Adviser. If you are prevented from taking any of the courses at the next available opportunity, you can retain the course fee for the next available opportunity within a two-year period. You are always welcome to take one or more of these courses even if your end goal is not to achieve the title of Certified Colour Adviser.


Course 1

Colour perception and the NCS system (2.5 pts – including course literature, certificate, lunches and tea/coffee)

Course 2

Exterior colour design
(7.5 pts – including course literature, certificate, lunches and tea/coffee)

Course 3

Interior colour design
(7.5 pts – including course literature, certificate, lunches and tea/coffee)

We can help you with the application for the main programme of Certified Colour Adviser.

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