Certified Colour Adviser

Would you like to deepen your colour knowledge and get the right tools to advise your clients in both interior and exterior colour design – then this is the program for you!

This program is launched in september 2019 online and starts live in Stockholm during the fall 2019. Would you like to get information when you can book the program, please send us your request.

This is a four-course program that includes; NCS in Design, Interior Colour Design, Exterior Colour Design and Advising Technique.

We start with building a foundation of colour knowledge that includes managing the complexity of colour communication and applying the smartness of the NCS System. We teach you to create colour harmonies and combinations in relation to percieved colour.

In the second part of the course we go deeper into interior and exterior colouring. What do you need to be aware of when consulting your clients in colour choices? Perceived colour in both interior and exterior design is related to a lot of different factors, and we take you through them so that you can confidently advise your client.

The last part we take you through the most common questions clients ask and how you can answer them. This part is focusing on how to confidently advise your client.


  • Deepen you colour knowledge and understanding of what colour means.
  • Get confident in your colour combinations.
  • Learn to handle the complexity of perceived colour.
  • Work with dimensions of colour and light in interior and exterior environments.
  • Analyse your clients’ needs and realise their desired colour vision.
  • Guide clients in their purchase decisions.


This program is offered online or live, with start in september.
Although, you can start already now with the introduction course, part 1 of the program: NCS in Design.

NCS Colour Academy