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Suitable for creative users as well as colour point of sales, Colourpin II allows you to identify any colour instantly. This digital colour reader gives you the closest NCS Notation with translations to CMYK, RGB, L*a*b. Colourpin II offers the latest innovations in colour measurement technology, neatly packaged in a small, accurate device. Ideal as a retail product and sales tool for product brands within decorative coatings, industrial coatings, building materials and other product brands where colour is decisive when making purchase decisions.

Colourpin is operated through a smartphone and is connected to a cloud-based system, which enables you to instantly match the scanned surface to thousands of colour references. The app is integrated with NCS – Natural Colour System®©. Within the Colourpin App, you can navigate in the NCS 1950 colour space and receive a fixed coordinate, as well as conversions to RGB, CMYK, L*a*b and lightness values. To further encourage colour communication and inspiration, you can also find references to the 2021+ NCS Trend Colours.

Closest match

Scan the surface of any object and get the closest colour match. Convert to CMYK, RAL, L*a*b or RGB as you like.

NCS Navigator

Navigate in the NCS 1950 colour space and receive a fixed coordinate, as well as conversions to CMYK, RAL, L*a*b or RGB .


Compare colours to discover colour differences between the sample and the colour standard.

In my job as an interior designer and communicator in the paint industry, Colourpin is a constant companion. Color is incredibly complex and we perceive all colors in our own way. That is why it is so valuable to have a tool that easily tells me the composition of the various components that makes us perceive a color such as blue.

– Sandra Wigfors, Interior Decorator

Colourpin II allows for limitless colour communication with your customers and clients. Sample a colour from any physical reference and begin the design and colour communication process.

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