Discover Colourpin

With Colourpin, you can identify any colour instantly! This digital colour reader gives you the closest NCS Notation with translations to CMYK, RGB, L*a*b. You can create mood boards and export them to share with colleagues and clients.

NCS Colourpin

Colourpin is operated through a smartphone and is connected to a cloud-based system, which enables you to instantly match the scanned surface to thousands of colour references. The app is integrated with NCS – Natural Colour System®©. Within the Colourpin App, you can navigate in the NCS 1950 colour space and receive a fixed coordinate, as well as conversions to RGB, CMYK, RAL and Lab. To further encourage colour communication and inspiration, you can also find references to the 2022+ NCS Trend Colours.


Closest match

Scan the surface of any object and get the closest colour match. Convert to CMYK, RAL, L*a*b or RGB as you like. You can also select the colour to explore colour combinations.


NCS Navigator

Navigate in the NCS 1950 colour space and receive a fixed coordinate, as well as conversions to CMYK, RAL, L*a*b or RGB .



Compare colours to discover colour differences between the sample and the colour standard.

Colourpin design

“In my job as an interior designer and communicator in the paint industry, Colourpin is a constant companion. Color is incredibly complex and we perceive all colors in our own way. That is why it is so valuable to have a tool that easily tells me the composition of the various components that makes us perceive a color such as blue.”

– Sandra Wigfors, Interior Decorator

Colourpin allows for limitless colour communication between designers and clients, company departments and customers. Sample a colour from any physical reference and begin the design and colour communication process.

Colourpin tutorial

Setting up Colourpin is easy. Watch this tutorial to get started.