NCS Colour Design Workshop at Broeinest

Join our NCS Colour Design Workshops during Dutch Design Week and learn how to work smarter with colour and make harmonising colour combinations by using the smartness of NCS – Natural Colour System.

During the workshop we will work with the colour design process; from understanding a colour to learning how to work with colours in a context and make harmonising colour combinations. The tools and material that we will be using are our renowned NCS Colour Design tools, a combination of physical colour design tools, digital colour readers and exercise material.

We will host workshops October 21st-23rd at 09:00-10:00. Limited amount of seats, make sure to sign up today!



This workshop is intended for you who want to learn the fundamentals of NCS and refresh your colour knowledge. No previous knowledge is required.

Workshop details

DATE: Oct. 21st – 23rd, 2019

TIME: 09:00-10:00

PLACE: Broeinest, Eindhoven, Netherlands

NOTE: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the workshop for preparations



Please note that the workshops are binding and have a value of EUR 120. If you can’t make it, give your seat to someone else! Email us at in order for us to remove you from our participant list.