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Visualise your colour concepts with NCS

NCS Design Tools help you with identifying, defining and visualising your colour concept. All our solutions are designed to support you in your work with colour: from the drawing board to the final result.


Identify colours easily with a selection of digital and physical colour tools.

NCS Colourpin SE

Identify any colour instantly from real life settings and turn your inspiration into colour! Get the closest NCS Notation, translations to CMYK, RGB, L*a*b* and create mood boards to share with colleagues and clients.

NCS Index 1950

Our most popular fan deck containing all the NCS 1950 Standard Colours. This reference colour palette enables you to quickly identify colours on the spot.

NCS Block

Separate fan decks including all the NCS 1950 Standard Colours arranged by either Hue or Nuance. Perfect for identifying the colours of different materials and finding colour combinations.


Define your colours in NCS 1950 Standard Colours and navigate in the NCS Colour Space to create harmonising colour combinations based on smartness of the NCS System.

NCS Album

With its detachable colour samples you can easily define and match colours across different surfaces and materials as well as compare colours under different kinds of lighting conditions.

NCS Atlas

The perfect tool for discussing colour design possibilities with clients. NCS Atlas has one page for every hue which enables you to navigate quickly between the different colour areas in the NCS Colour Space.


Assess the colour visually with these large colour samples in A6 format. Contains the complete range of the NCS 1950 Standard Colours. 


VIsualise your colour design and move seamlessly between digital and physical references.

NCS Navigator

Work with the complete NCS 1 950 Standard Colours in an interactive 3D-space to create colour palettes for Adobe CS.

NCS Colour Samples

Individual colour samples in various formats for colour selection, mood boards and communication of colours.

NCS Cascade Chips

Colour samples with 4 to 5 colours sorted by hue for colour selection, mood boards and communication of colours.

Work digitally with NCS

Create digital palettes and work digitally with the NCS 1950 Standard Colours in Adobe CS/CC. With NCS Colourpin you can identify colours on the go.

NCS Colour Navigator

NCS Navigator

Create digital colour palettes, translate colours and import to your design program.

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NCS for Adobe CS/CC

NCS in Adobe makes it possible to work with NCS directly in Adobe and take your colours from screen to production.

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digital colourpin

NCS Colourpin

Identify any colour instantly with our colour reader Colourpin.

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Discover how the NCS System works

Learn the basic concepts of NCS and how to use the smartness of the NCS System in your work with colour.

Colour education

Improve your colour knowledge with our wide range of colour courses! All our course are created to give architects, interior designers, product designers and professional colour advisers deepen knowledge within colour design.

E-learning: NCS in Design

Learn the professional methodology and strategy on how to communicate and work with colour – online!

Certified Colour Adviser

As experts in interior and exterior colour design you will be able to guide your clients into reliable purchase decisions and build brand loyalty. Learn how to sell colour and convert your clients’ colour visions into reality.

International Colour Workshop

Discover how light and material affect colour and how you can manage the complexity. During five days together with international renowned designers you will work with colour interactively, and through different projects discover how you can reach new dimensions in your colour design.

NCS in Design

Get the practical and professional tools to communicate and work with colours professionally. The course is a basic course and focuses on colour design principles and how to work smarter with colour harmonies by using the NCS System.

Interior Colour Design

Get the practical and professional tools to communicate and work with colours professionally. The course focuses on colour design principles and how to work smarter with colour harmonies by using the NCS System.

Exterior Colour Design

Learn how to take the surrounding environments, colour phenomena and other challenges that arise in exterior colour design into account, and get the tools needed to make successful exterior colour choices. As well as give your clients professional advice on colour.

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Discover the latest news, product launches, events and workshops to boost your work with colour!

Updates from NCS Colour

Get key insights in colour analysis and learn about inspiring customer journeys. Take part of our article series where we share unique and exclusive research studies and content for you as a colour professional designing, advising or communicating colour!

NCS Colour Trends 2021+

Discover the colour trends for 2021+! NCS Colour Trends 2021+ is a limited edition trend book packed with in-depth insights about the colour trends for coming years and its drivers. Complete unique image collections and international relevant colour palettes to suit any market and industry. 

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