Colour is the very first feature we see on an object or in a space, and it immediately leads us to the conclusion whether we like what we see or not. Colour is vital, more so than we generally realise. That is why it is so important for any company making colour decisions; the understanding of colours, drivers and colour trends is fundamental. So, what is a colour trend? Our colour preferences are both static and evolutionary. However, they are not fully decided by ourselves: Instead, they are influenced by a mix of external drivers that reinforce certain colour areas more than others. This is what a colour trend is.

Working with the trend forecasts

At NCS Colour, we have worked with colour trend forecasting since 2013. This year’s forecast is developed by a team of internationally renowned colour and design experts. As a result, the forecast offers relevant colour palettes and attributes to suit anyone working professionally with colour, design, products or manufacturing.

The team consists of the following members: Emma Clerici & Manuela Bonaiti; founders of Baolab. Karl Johan Bertilsson; Creative Director, NCS Colour, Kun Dai; CEO, Kun Dai Architects. Laura Perryman, Colour, Material and Trend Expert, Montaha Hidefi; VP Color Forecasting, Color Marketing Group, Weiwei Lin; Chief CMF Researcher and textile designer of Kun Dai´s interior design group.

A new beginning

“We believe 2022+ will be a post-pandemic world. Our mind-set, behaviour and mood will largely be a consequence of what we have been through during these exhausting and uncertain times.”
The trend forecast team has identified four main directions that drive the colours into certain areas. These four directions are named Zience, One, Spring Rebels and Zero.

Zience – Meditating about life

The pandemic has made us reflect over things, more than we perhaps are used to. The time spent at home has given us time to think over both personal and spiritual matters. We embrace the present moment and wish to direct our focus to everything that is real. Zen brings us to our senses and science confirms our true reality. We listen first and foremost to our inner self and to science.

One – Returning to the countryside

For the first time, for many of us, we seek comfort in being outdoors and spending time in the nature. We see and understand that nature is a living being and feel like we are one with nature.

Spring Rebels – The happy feeling of Joy

A new world is beginning. After a longer period of fake truths, isolation, fears and uncertainties, we finally open our doors to a new world of freedom, of comfort, of truthsand literally the possibility to physically meet others. Perhaps the world is not ready yet. But we want it to be ready. It needs to be about happiness and joy.

Zero – A brand-new start

We are in the beginning of a new and better world. We reset our minds and start over again; this time in a more conscious and positive way for our planet. The beginning is neutral, with the first steps into a colour direction – we begin from zero.

The limited-edition trend book

Colour choices in post-pandemic times vary but are usually carefully positive and more neutral. This is further emphasised by where we are in the repetitive cycle of colours. The four groups of colour, Zience, One, Spring Rebels and Zero, are quite different, representing various moods and phases in the trend cycle. The NCS Colour Trends 2022+ forecast is available in a limited-edition book. In this exclusive book, you can read all about the drivers, explore the colour palettes and exclusive images. To provide additional benefits, a fan deck with coated colour samples of all the trend colours is included in the book.

NCS Trend Book 2022+

This edition gives you the most important colours and combination of colours to keep track of for the coming years.

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Trend Colours Fan Deck

NCS Trend Book 2022+ also includes a separate colour trend fan deck with pocket-sized NCS QL1 samples to bring with you on the go. The fan deck can also be purchased separately.

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Use the NCS System in your colour design work

To identify the important colour groups and to illustrate the key directions for 2022+, the NCS Colour Circle and NCS Colour Triangle are being used.

About the NCS System

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