Entière & NCS Block 2050

Entière & NCS Block 2050

29 NOVEMBER, 2022

Discover how NCS Block 2050 can be used in the creative design process.

Are you curious to learn how you can use NCS Block 2050 Hue in your creative design work? Earlier this year, we met with Charlotte Ryberg at Entière, an identity & interior design studio in Stockholm. Together we had a conversation about colour design work, and Charlotte also unboxed her new NCS Block 2050 Hue.

Charlotte Ryberg at Entière, Interior Design Studio

Entière Design Studio

Charlotte Ryberg is founder and Creative Director of Entière by Atelier Ryberg, a holistic design studio, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about Entière here. During a conversation, we talked about colours and what Charlottes creative process looks like. In her work, she often use NCS Index 2050 to identify colours, which she also brings along with her, as a colour reference. This could be the start of the design, but does not have to be.

The creative process

Usually, the process starts off with ideas that need to be tested and colours which need to be identified and combined. This is why Charlotte often works with NCS Block 2050 Hue. So, how come this is the preferred tool?

NCS Block 2050 Hue

“Often, I begin with an idea around a hue, it could be a “blue” colour, but the nuance is still vague. With the Block arranged in hues, I can start looking for the right colour and test different ideas and colour combinations”, Charlotte tells us. With NCS Block 2050 Hue, Charlotte can view one colour at the time, and also put them next to each other. By doing this, she can test them in different lights or together with material samples. The result is a mind map for the colours of the project.

With the Block I can test different colour ideas at an early stage of the design, which saves time in the process without restraining my creativity.” – Charlotte Ryberg.

The next step is often to make large real colour samples with the right gloss level, and that means buying buckets of paint and start painting boards. With the thorough testing of colours at an early stage, using the colour samples in NCS Block 2050, saves her time and the road to a final design gets shorter.

Do you want to learn more about Entière Design Studio, or NCS design tools such as NCS Block 2050 Hue?


Atelier Ryberg Holistic Design Studio (entiere.se)


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