NCS Exterior 84 Display

NCS Exterior 84 Display

Tailored exterior collection that makes your customers’ colour decision easy.

The perception of a colour can sometimes have an unintended change when painted.

That is why we have created a reliable selection of colours that will only change slightly when painted, so you can feel safe that the main characteristic of your colour is preserved.

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Display in detail


  • A8 colour chips in 84 different colours (20-pack per colour)
  • Complete display module ready to assemble
  • No. of elements: 4 NCS Colour Display modules (Back panels, colour chips holders, dividers, spacers and screws)
  • Mounting instructions


  • Size: W: 544 mm x H: 984 mm x W: 3 mm (D: 39,3 mm with colour chips holders and spacers)
  • Colour: Black back panels, transparent colour chips holders
  • Quality: Coated colour samples at NCS Quality Level 1

About the NCS Exterior 84 Display

A reliable colour selection inspired by Scandinavian colours with carefully selected hues and nuances, which will ensure a beautiful colour design. 

  • 84 handpicked colours
  • Optimised design collection for exterior spaces
  • Perfect start for your customers’ colour journey

How to Use

A beige nuance will stay beige, and a red nuance will stay red. The perception of a colour will only change slightly when painted.

When using NCS Exterior 84 Display you can rest assure that the main characteristic is preserved.