Transforming Workspaces: The Power of Architectural Vision and Colour Expertise at NCS Colour's New Office

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We're driven by a profound passion for color. Our mission revolves around crafting solutions that ensure the seamless, inspirational, and precise interaction with color. This commitment extends to designers, architects, and the entire industry.

NCS Colour's ultimate goal is to establish itself as the definitive Universal Standard for Colour Communication.

Central to our core value is the democratization of color, transcending mediums, platforms, and channels to foster accessibility and inclusivity.

Leveraging the scientific precision of The NCS System, we unlock the potential to simplify color selection and navigation. This system is not just a tool but an embodiment of our advocacy in the creative sector, where we stand as a cornerstone. Our purpose is to empower impactful color creation.

Our dedication to our universal customers and users is reflected in our meticulously developed color communication solutions. These are designed, supplied, and backed by our customer centric organization.

Our company comprises distinct departments: Product Portfolio, Marketing Operations, and Sales & Finance.

"It is a great experience to work with colour and such a great product like NCS which results in many positive conversation. The best part is the "AHA" of when you explained the system and people start getting excited to work with it. Working in the sales department, it can't be much better than working with a product like NCS."

Jennifer Prinz, Area Sales Manager

"Working on NCS's product team is incredibly exciting. We're unique as both a company and a colour standard, presenting intriguing challenges and design opportunities that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. I love the user research, it allows me to engage with fascinating individuals, colour really engages people! My team strive to unlock the full potential of the NCS system."

Måns Matthias, Product Designer

"Being part of NCS's marketing team has been great experience. The company's open-minded approach fosters a culture of innovation, enabling us to act swiftly and unleash our creativity to achieve our goals. Surrounded by highly ambitious and genuinely kind individuals, I find endless inspiration in our collaborative environment."

Therese Carlström Stein, Marketing Director

"This organizational structure is characterized by equality in hierarchy and succinct decision-making channels. We firmly believe that individual accountability fosters an optimal working environment and yields the finest outcomes. Our Stockholm office currently accommodates approximately 40 employees." Elin Askfelt, CEO

Clear communication stands as a foundation for us, ensuring both our current and prospective audiences fully comprehend our mission. This principle is fortified by our Tone of Voice principles:

CLEAR & ACCESSIBLE: We are dedicated to clarity and simplicity, enhancing our approachability and instilling confidence in our users.

INCLUSIVE & CREATIVE: Our aim is to cultivate genuine emotional connections. We achieve inclusivity by reaching out to all our audiences and involving them in our vision.

INSPIRATIONAL: Our vision transcends the impact of color on the world. Our words are imbued with certainty, enthusiasm, optimism, and adaptability. Readers sense our ability to catalyze possibilities and comprehend our inherent value.


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