6. ADVANCED Colour Similarities

6. ADVANCED Colour Similarities

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ADVANCED COLOUR SIMILARITIES – Training in a high level of ability to distinguish between colours

The sixth and final exercise kit from NCS Colour Academy.

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Answer sheet


More advanced skills in similarities of degree, correlation and the systematic arrangement of colours.

The degree of difficulty increases considerably in these exercises and they are recommended as group exercises or for students with high ability in distinguishing between colours.

The exercise sheets are not included in packaging, these will need to be downloaded separately and can be found under the section “How to use”.

Key features
  • In depth assignments that summarize knowledge from other exercises.

6.1 Hue Similarities

  • 2×27 colour samples
  • Sample size: 23×23 mm
  • Old product references: K6 Φ + K7

6.2 Colour Similarities

  • 3×27 colour samples
  • Sample size: 23×23 mm
  • Old product references: K6 s + K6 c + K6 w

6.3 Final Colour Circle Test

  • 121 colour samples
  • Sample size: 23×23 mm
  • Old product reference: D5
Size & weight

  • Size: W 12 x L 8 x H 1 cm
  • Weight: 0,04 kg
How to use

6.1 Hue Similarities Advanced similarity exercises on whiteness and nuance, formulated for those who are already proficient.

6.2 Colour Similarities Advanced similarity exercises covering blackness, whiteness and chromaticness.

6.3 Final Colour Circle Test A group exercise on colour area assessment with a total of 121 colour samples to be placed on an exercise sheet: the most extensive and most demanding exercise. Fill the colour circle, this time shaped as a square with the chromatic elementary colours in the four corners.