Cascade chips no 48
Cascade chips no 48

Cascade chips no 48

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A complete NCS Notation is printed on each colour stripe. 20 chips in one package. 4 to 5 colours on each chip.

  • S 0550-Y40R
  • S 1050-Y40R
  • S 0560-Y40R
  • S 0570-Y40R
  • S 1070-Y40R


The NCS Cascade colour chips feature a combination of best-selling colours from the industry and a complete spread of colours from the NCS Standard Colour range. This gives you a colour collection that is small and handy yet comprehensive enough to include all critical nuances and colour areas. NCS Cascade is suited for in store colour displays that can be arranged with different sorting and size.

NCS Cascade chips are fully stripe coated in Semi-Matt finish, with 4-5 colour per sample and NCS Notations on the front for accurate colour communication with up to 980 standard colours, based on the NCS Superior Cascade Display.