NCS Colourpin PRO

NCS Colourpin PRO
NCS Colourpin PRO
NCS Colourpin PRO
NCS Colourpin PRO
NCS Colourpin PRO
NCS Colourpin PRO

NCS Colourpin PRO

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Define any colour, anywhere. Discover our new and most advanced colour reader. 

Finding the right colour has never been easier. Connected via Bluetooth to our NCS+ app it allows you to easily scan, identify, store and share colours on the go. Simply place the Colourpin PRO against the object, scan the colour via the app and then you have the closest NCS match. 

Turn your inspiration into colour today! 


Colourpin PRO enables you to get the best match to an NCS Notation. With a precise colour reference, this colour reader will ensure that you get the right colour and the correct end result when purchasing paint, decorative materials, textile, or any physical product in industrial production among others. NCS Colourpin PRO is one of our most appreciated colour tools by professional painters, designers and colour professionals worldwide.

Key features
  • Accurate colour matching to NCS, with a 99% hit rate.
  • (Cloud-based matching libraries with real-time unlock of additional matching databases.)
  • NCS cross-references for screens, to L*a*b*, RGB and CMYK in accordance with international standards.
  • Measurement data output for digital use in Lab d50 2°, Lab d65 10°, sRGB and CMYK.
  • With patented technology, Colourpin PRO provides the best NCS colour matching capabilities in the entry-level handheld segment.
  • Market-leading stability reduces the need for frequent calibration.
  • Pairs with the free NCS+ app via Bluetooth.
  1. Technical specification Colourpin PRO.
  2. NCS+ app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  3. Compatible with most mobile phones supporting Bluetooth 4.1.


  • NCS Colourpin PRO device
  • Black protective case
  • Calibration tile
  • USB charger cord
  • Setup and warranty cards
Size & weight

  • Size: W 7,6 x L 5,2 x H 12,8 cm
  • Weight: 0,154 kg

How to use
  • Navigate in the NCS Colour Space
  • Identify a colour and find harmonising colours
  • Explore colour collections
  • Create and share your colour mood boards and projects