NCS WS 160

NCS WS 160
NCS WS 160
NCS WS 160

NCS WS 160

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The most popular colours - blacks, whites and tinted greys in one handy fan. 

All designers and manufacturers work with neutral colours on a regular basis.

NCS WS 160 visualises colours in the greyscale area where colourising products and settings can be challenging and includes a selection of the most popular blacks, white and tinted neutral colour samples from the NCS 2050 Standard colour range. 

Key features
  • The larger colour samples give a good visual indication of the darkness or lightness of the colours.
  • Chapters: Chromaticness 00, 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05. 
  • Instructions of how to navigate among colours using the NCS System.  
  • Sturdy, laminated paper cover.  
  • Sample size: 140x47 mm.  
  • Coated colour samples at NCS Quality Level 1.
Size & weight

  • Size: W 5,2 x L 15,5 x H 4,2 cm
  • Weight: 0,25 kg
How to use
  • The 160 colours are arranged by hue and divided in six chapters based on how chromatic (c) they are, going from lightly tinted neutrals to more chromatic nuances.