Unlocking Colour Communication

Universal Standard for Colour Communication

How would you describe the exact nuance of copper?

The human eye perceives 10 million different colours. NCS – Natural Colour System® is a universal language for colour communication. Rooted in scientific precision, NCS Notations are your codes to communicate and select colours across industries with unparalleled accuracy. With NCS codes, copper will always refer to the same colour.

Is copper yellow, orange or red? Or NCS S 2030-Y60R?

Colour and material

Pioneering partnership with Tarkett

Tarkett is now launched as the first partner of our digital colour platform NCS+. By browsing through the library of Tarkett’s flooring solutions you can identify and create harmonising colour designs with the help of the NCS System.
Image in the new standard colours depicting a staircase in a room


2050: 100 new colours

Duro Sweden captures Swedish nature and heritage in two new wallpaper collections, Akvarell and Small Patterns. They have NCS codes identifying every colour in their patterns. Learn about how the NCS System has improved their colour design process, from the factory to the paint store.

Two people hold the NCS Index 2050

Explore the true essence of colours

White is not always just white and blue can include shades of both red and green. With NCS, it’s simple. And accurate. Our products will help you design and select the right colours for your mood board or projects.

Master your colour communication

Inspirational picture of a beige kitchen

Transform your business

Over a span of forty years, we have engineered colour communication. Explore our portfolio of high quality products, accessible design tools, comprehensive colour education and innovative colour solutions to support your business.

Communicate in colour

Defining colours accurately is essential. Producing the exact same colour on different products, materials and surfaces starts with using a recognisable and common colour language. Identifying and deciding on colours with NCS is easy and optimises your colour communication process.

Experience the NCS+ digital colour tool

Simplify and speed up colour selections and projects. Seamlessly store, share and collaborate on colour palette projects. Extract NCS codes from images, create perfect colour combinations with advanced tools and search through extensive colour collections. Export in your favourite format.

Manage colour in production

With a legacy of revolutionising colour communication during the past 40 years, we truly know the complexity of colour management. We offer unique and proven expertise based on thousands of colour standards for the world’s most demanding industrial applications
and markets.