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With over 40 years of revolutionising colour communication and offering colour management services, we know the complexity in managing colours in your production. By managing thousands of colour standards for some of the most demanding industrial applications and markets in the world we have a unique know-how to offer.

Overview of Our Industrial Offer


Control – Gain insight and control of your produced colours on any intended materials.


Define – Colours clearly defined with the support from our colour experts and technicians, so that you get the desired end-result.


Communicate – CAPQ, our cloud- based system brings the colour management process into the digital era.


Transform – We help you transform your colour understanding and business offer to reach your goals.

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With our industrial solutions and services, we can support you with achieving any colour goal while saving time and resources and ensuring the highest quality


Maintaining a range of precise colours in your production is costly, time-consuming and increasingly challenging over longer periods of time and with a large supplier network. That’s why understanding the complexity of defining and communicating colours is critical

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Colour Development

We support you in developing new colours, while maintaining feasibility and deciding on what are acceptable tolerances on all intended materials. Our lab can also create customised colour samples with your specified colour, gloss, effects or surface structures.

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Digital colour communication

Our cloud-based colour management platform CAPQ enables digital colour communication within a supply chain, while ensuring the highest possible colour quality.

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Consultancy Services

Through our extensive experience with helping companies, we have developed a unique set of services suited to help you achieve your colour goals.

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Digital Colour Communication implemented using CAPQ

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“CAPQ’s flexibility and easy workflows enable us to move our colour processes into Industry 4.0, allowing us to work with unparalleled ease without sacrificing the high product quality that our customers have come to expect.”  

Andreas Siedler, Project Leader Operational Development Colors

NCS Reference Lab – the Heart
of Our Industrial Solutions

NCS Reference Lab

World leading colour accuracy, stability and security. Our colour management offer ensures that you will meet the highest quality standards

*0,1 ΔE over last 25 years

Define, identify and visualise your colour concepts with NCS!

NCS Design Tools help you identify, define and visualise your colour concept. 
All our solutions are designed to support you in your work with colour,
from the drawing board to ensuring the final result.

NCS Block

Separate fan decks including all the NCS 1 950 Standard Colours arranged by either Hue or Nuance. Perfect for identifying the colours of different materials and finding colour combinations.

NCS Atlas

The perfect tool for discussing colour design possibilities with clients. NCS Atlas has one page for every hue which enables you to navigate quickly between the different colour areas in the NCS Colour Space.

NCS Colour Samples

Individual colour samples in various formats for colour selection, mood borads and communication of colours.

NCS Index 1950

Our most famous fan deck! With a user-friendly overview of the complete NCS 1 950 Standard Colours to guide customers in their decisions.

Our Customers

We are proud to support some of the most prestigious brands in the world in improving their colour management processes.

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