Develop Production-Ready Colours

Convert Your Colour Concepts Into Reality

Together with our colour development team we make sure you reach the desired result. A flexible, efficient and professional process of developing new colours while maintaining feasibility and deciding the acceptable tolerances on all intended materials.

Our Colour Development Offer

High quality coated paper samples are widely used as both starting points and as colour standards by manufacturers all around the world. Our NCS Creative Studio can customise colour samples with your specified colour, gloss, effects, or surface structures.


Develop coated paper samples with your specified colour, gloss, effects and surface structure. This ensures an exact definition of your colour standards for industrial production and/or branding.


Create your colour with your internal stakeholders in a creative workshop together with our lab and colour development team. With short loop time we find the exact desired colour, while also ensuring production material feasibility.

CUSTOM tolerance TOOLS

Develop an efficient methodology of working with colour specifications. A customised visual tool with a sample of the target colour and other samples with the maximum allowed deviation in different directions. Use it for precise visual colour assesments, without the need for measurements.

Custom Calibration Target

Produce custom colours for instrument calibration, such as targets for camera calibration, white standard calibration and machine vision imaging calibration etc.

NCS Creative Studio

NCS Creative Studio provides you and your designers with access to our lab and technical teams. The ability to collaborate in a professional environment with all the required equipment available dramatically decreases the amount of time needed to achieve the desired colour, in some cases reducing the process down from several months to one or two days.

Our expertise ensures that your new colour is created with optimised pigmentation for the manufacturing techniques to be utilised later in the process.

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“By developing interior colours at NCS Colour for Volvo Cars, it has enabled improvements from idea to delivered colour masters for their global supply chain. Inspiring workshops together with the design team, has resulted in more creative freedom to explore ideas and colour concepts, to make adjustments and match the colour with both existing parts as well as in real car interior settings.”

Our Customers

We are proud to support some of the most prestigious brands in the world in improving their colour management processes.

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Colour Management

Gain insight and control of your produced colours on any intended materials.

Digital Colour Communication

CAPQ, our cloud- based system brings the colour management process into the digital era.

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We help you transform your colour understanding and business offer to reach your goals.