Take Control of Your Colours

Never Compromise on Colour Quality

Maintaining a range of high-quality colours means handling challenges such as colour drift, fast time-to-market, new material development and time-consuming visual inspections. It’s therefore vital to ensure that all of your suppliers have valid colour masters in order to set the right colour tolerances.

Our Colour Management Services

Our services enables you to get complete control over your colours with reliable solutions that simplifies your work with colour – giving you premium colour quality faster and easier. Here is how.


A tailored workshop that builds and develops your internal colour management knowledge to enable more efficient work with product colour specifications, suppliers, and quality control. Get the tools and process to set the right colour tolerances of your product.

Industrial Colour samples

Create customised colour samples with your specified colour, gloss, effect, or surface structure. We also produce larger series of colour masters in other materials, such as plastics, overlays or powder coated materials.


Save costs from production quality problems by setting up the best possible colour master program for your suppliers. By producing primary masters for each appearance, we are able to ensure accurate colour perception. Certified colour masters are then distributed globally to all of your supply chain, ensuring a reliable colour result.


With our NCS Certified colour samples you can colour match and control colour quality easily. It comes with a measurement certificate with offset CIE L*a*b* colour differences from the NCS Primary master and is available for all NCS 2050 standard colours.

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Our Customers

We are proud to support some of the most prestigious brands in the world in improving their colour management processes.

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Colour Development

Colours defined with the support from colour experts and professionals that have the market insights and know-how

Digital Colour Communication

CAPQ, our cloud- based system brings the colour management process into the digital era.

Consultancy Services

We help you transform your colour understanding and business offer to reach your goals.